Why Install a Metal Roof

Energy efficiency is a very important consideration these days. An energyefficient home is not just cooler, it is also cost-effective. Energyefficient options keep your power bills at the minimum. Energy efficiency is not just applicable to your home appliances but to your roofing as well. If you build materials that come with the Energy Star seal, then you can be sure that you’re going to save a lot in electricity consumption while also enjoying some tax benefits from the government. 

One of the most energy-efficient options available to homeowners is metal roofing. Needless to say, metal roofs are cool, durable, and affordable. These are the reasons why this material has very popular in recent years. Compared to asphalt and any other material used for a roof, metal is lighter and can likely sustain damage from hail, storm, and the harsh elements. Choosing a metal roof means enjoyer higher energy savings for a very long time.   

What are Cool Roofs? 

Technically speaking, cool roofs are those that are capable of keeping the temperature lower and in a more stable condition in the structure it protects. These roofs are usually made of metal and are painted with very light shades. They are designed to reflect the rays of the sun away from the structure instead of absorbing or storing heat. 

Cool roofs have elevated thermal emission and solar reflectance rates. These special types of metal roofs release heat instead of absorbing it. They are very unlike asphalt roofs that soak up all the rays and heat of the sunWhen the heat is absorbed, it builds up on the roof and eventually finds itself inside the structure. Cool roofs make you feel comfortable. They are also equipped with a protective coating to further deflect the UV rays of the sun.  

Installing Cool Metal Roofs 

If you choose to install cool metal roofs, then you are in the position to enjoy all of their benefits. These roofs are highly sustainable. By that, it means that they’re building with sustainable material, more particularly steel. Steel can be recycled 100%, which is why it is considered as such.   

Installing cool metal roofs also make you eligible for discounts, tax savings, and other incentives. For starters, metal roofs give you insurance discounts. This is because metal the roof is very durable and fireresistant. Furthermore, they can considerably lower your electrical consumption.   

Types of Metal Roofs  

There are different types of metal roofs available these days so you don’t have to worry about how they will look in your home. They don’t always come in the same gray shade or in the same corrugated tin shapeThere are many shades available for metal roofs as well and you can very well customize their look.  

As a matter of fact, a lot of homeowners have tried to make a metal roof look like shake roofs or asphalt. There are other configurations that you can choose from as roofs can be bent in different ways in order to suit your aesthetic requirements.   

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